How College is Really Treating Me…





College has to be one of the hardest life changes that I’ve gone through. I have ZERO TIME for ANYTHING. Anyone relate?

Want to read a book? Nope. New Netflix series? Don’t even think about it. Have to write 2 essays, take 3 quizzes, present a speech, and have a truckload of homework before a test? Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

Unfortunately, time management has never been a strong-suit of mine and balancing college, work, and relationships all at once doesn’t help. Most days of the week, I’m at a cafe, fueling my coffee addiction and studying my butt off, while my friends are out actually socializing! I know, who would have thought you can meet NEW PEOPLE in college??

Speaking of which, finding new people to socialize with seems to be especially tough area for me in college. Currently, I’m at a community campus up until I get my A.A. in order to transfer into a college with a Vet Program. Everyone on here either walks with their head down or a mean “come at me” look on their faces, which neither are very approachable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some friendly people there, just not a whole lot and I don’t want to be alone in my misery.

I sometimes wish I was more of a social butterfly.

But then again, I love my introverted-self.

Now, while I do write all this in a tired tone, isn’t this also part of the classic “college experience?” If I put it that way, it doesn’t seem as bad. In fact, funnily enough, it kind of makes it all more exciting. Going to a coffee shop to work towards my future while also ranting to my friend about my professor, all gives me a sense of hope that it’s going to turn out ok. I know so many other students are going through the same thing and after the tears and the mess, they triumphantly graduate with their dream degree and move on to finding their place in the world.


Me + Stress & Exhaustion + Strong Work Ethic = Degree Achievment *yay*


I do feel as if I’m slowly getting better at this whole “managing time” thing though.

Or maybe it’s just the 10 cups of coffee a day talking…


If you have any college experiences or advice you would like to share, PLEASE leave a comment, Heaven knows I need it.

Yours Truly,

Jordan ♥


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