My Job Working With Dorks All Day

So as many of you know, or don’t know, I work at a fish store.


No, it’s NOT the kind where you cut up fish to sell to meat stores (you would not believe how many times people have mistaken it for that). Instead, it’s just a local mom and pop shop where people buy fish as pets. Whether it’s a saltwater aquarium, freshwater tanks, or outdoor ponds, we have it all!

It’s actually a pretty labor oriented job. All day long, I’m hauling five gallon buckets of water, elbows deep scrubbing tanks, and constantly moving a variety of aquariums ranging from ten gallon to one-hundred and twenty gallons. And let me just tell you those suckers are HEAVY!

I guess that’s partly why there aren’t many women who want to work there? Personally, I know a few that would enjoy it, but I know a lot more that would prefer a more laid back job. Me, on the other hand, absolutely adore it. Sure, there are times where you have to deal with rotting fish or handle worms or touch slimy unknown places, but there are other times where you get to hold starfish or feed an eight-foot moray eel. I mean, who wouldn’t love that??


Oh and did I mention the workforce is primarily college guys?

“It’ll be fun!” they said.

“They’re SO much less dramatic,” they said.



The guys that I work with have to be some of the biggest drama queens and dorks that I have EVER had the chance of meeting.

….and it’s probably why I love working with them so much.

We all tease and give each other crap ALL day, while also geeking out over new technology that can be used in the aquarist hobby. Even the owner of the shop is like a dad to us all and describes us as “the only children he’ll ever have.” Mind you, he’s only 26, but has the mindset and dramatics of a five year-old. I once told my mom that he’s more like a friend than a boss, and she had responded, “Good, learn that from him.” (She owns a successful cleaning company of her own so credibility-wise, she knows what she’s talking about lol)

Let’s just say that every day is an adventure in that shop.

When I tell you all that these guys are like big brothers, I mean they’ve got my back like it’s nobody’s business. They always make sure I’m ok and keep my away from any possible creeps, who come in from time to time.

For instance, one of them I work more with is a skinny guy who is probably the most sarcastic and dramatic one out of them all. The funny thing is, he can’t lift for shit. Meaning, he can barely pick up a five gallon bucket of water without shaking, but one day, after an encounter with a couple guys, he turned to me and said “Jordan, I am weak as hell but know that I would beat the shit out of someone for you.” And while he is probably one of the weakest guys I know, I believe him.


So there’s a quick little overview of my job and I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the mess of guys I work with. I will definitely be posting more about it mainly because this shop is such a big part of my life. The family that I’ve formed there in a short period of time is one I’ll remember forever and the shop itself is a personal safe-haven of mine.

And let these adorable photos of some fish at our shop brighten your day. I took them myself 😉










Yours Truly,

Jordan ♥

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