Well That Just Happened…


Well, best said by Michael in 10 Things I Hate About You,


I think it’s safe to say that my lack of posts during this time is understandable due to recent events. To anyone who’s lost someone, whether or not it was from the virus, my sincerest apologies go out to you. And to everyone else, keep pushing through this time of chaos, and find the bright sides as much as possible.


My city has already begun to start quarantining, but we aren’t to the point of never leaving our houses. Surprisingly, I’m still able to work a whole whopping 23 hours a week at my fish shop, where we are only allowing 5 people to enter at a time. Every day there is unpredictable. Sometimes we’re actually slammed with people looking to buy fish or tanks because they literally have nothing else to do, while other days hours just drag on. Personally though, I’m not taking quarantine too hard. My introverted-self is actually thriving in it. I’m finally getting things done that I’ve wanted to for awhile such as working out, journaling, and reading. I do, however, feel awful for those who are being put in bad mental states due to being forced to stay inside. PLEASE reach out to someone if you are struggling with this, so many people would love to be there for you, including me.


I will definitely be posting more with all this extra time on my hands, and have already had a couple great brainstorming sessions on what to write about. This post was more of an update so ya’ll didn’t think I fell off the face of the earth or something. So keep hanging in there guys and I will hopefully publish some new, interesting content soon.


“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

-Les Miserables


Yours truly,

Jordan ♥

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